The Eyebenda
  • Global sales - Wide application
  • Dramatise the way you see the third dimension
  • Makes M.C.Escher’s ‘inside outside’ world a reality - only more dynamic!
  • Not a complex scientific instrument, but more than a scientific toy
  • A new window on the world for the 21st century
  • Neat and handy - pocket sized
  • Made in high-precision ABS
The Eyebenda Diagram
Mode 1 - The Pseudoscope

With the Pseudoscope in your hand it is as if your eyes have changed sides. Perception of space is turned front to back. Your surroundings are mysteriously altered, taking on an unforeseen transparency. Shadows and reflections behave in unpredictable ways. The Target supplied with your Eyebenda will, when rotating, twist in a physically impossible way and you will see it turn itself inside out. Shadows, instead of falling behind the Target as they normally would, will show themselves in front of it. And this is just the beginning...

Please note. These are simulations only - they in no way compare with the real experience.
The Phantascope Rhombus demonstrates what is extraordinary about pseudoscopic vision. With the rhombus rotating anti-clockwise, the green and black striped band rotates clockwise. The red cube, which is attached to the rhombus, detaches itself and floats in space, rotating in the opposite direction.
Mode 2 - The Hyperscope
Looking through the Hyperscope, your eyes become more than 23cms/9ins apart instead of the normal average of 6.5cms/2.5 ins. As a result, space takes on a greater depth and a more detailed presence. By means of the Eyebenda you can discover many new things: a transformation in your perception of scale; a view into a 'shrunken world'; a shift of eye level; and the ability to capture 'Magic Eye' images.

arrowIn this example, through the Hyperscope, the space inside the tree jumps right out in front of you!

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